The Art of Eating

I am very particular about the way I eat.

Come to think about it, I am particular about many things.

As I’m sure my boyfriend would tell you. Though, in my defense, growing up with four siblings has meant that I’m also flexible when my particularities aren’t met:)

A few examples. I’m particular about my house being clean (though I rarely make my bed, sorry mom), about getting enough sleep, about color coordinating my closet. I’m particular about my morning routine, the richness of my coffee, and driving etiquette. I’m particular about my plate and glass matching, my towel matching my bathroom, and my glasses matching my clothes.

I digress. The purpose of this post- the way I eat.

When I eat, I am very particular about the order I eat and drink in. This is because certain tastes simply go better following certain other tastes. I’ll give two examples. One from breakfast, one from dinner.

How to eat breakfast:
Let’s pretend I’m having a fabulous breakfast at Mary Jane’s in Warrensburg with my friend, Mel. I’m feeling pretty hungry so I order pancakes with a side of bacon, hash browns, and of course orange juice and a fabulously black coffee. As I eat, I will mostly follow the same pattern. I will always go pancakes, then bacon, then hash browns. This is because bacon (salty and sweet) tastes better after the sweet pancakes. Hash browns on the other hand, would not taste as good directly after a bite of pancakes. I might at times eat bacon after the hash browns, thus acting as a bridge if you will, back to a bite of pancakes. Now, of course in the middle of all this, I’ll get thirsty. So, if I’m thirsty after pancakes I’ll drink the coffee (bitter to cut the sweet), but after the hash browns or bacon I would drink the juice (sweet to cut the salty and prepare my mouth for another bite of pancakes).  And there you have the correct way to eat breakfast.

How to eat dinner:
Let’s pretend I’m out for a nice dinner seated on the deck overlooking the channel at the Weathervane in Charlevoix with my three beautiful sisters. I decide to order a medium rare prime rib (because it’s amazing there), which comes with duchess potatoes and the vegetable of the day (let’s say spaghetti squash and asparagus because that was always my favorite). I also order a house salad. Now, of course my sisters and I will probably share a bottle of red wine, most likely a Cabernet, as well. With this dinner, I will sip red wine before the salad gets there, but once the salad’s there I will drink my water. This is because the acid of the vinegrette paired with the acidity and dryness of the wine would not go well together. However, when the main course arrives, I would once again drink my wine after bites of prime rib or potatoes. As for the order of the food, any of the meat, potato, or veg would taste fine after any of the others, so it’s not that important. However, I would probably try to eat my veggies quickly, lest they grow cold and bring back traumatic childhood memories of sitting at the table hours after everyone else because I couldn’t leave until I finished my peas. And there’s how you eat dinner.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning all about the art of eating…or how particular I am.

However you choose to see it.


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