Top 10 Reasons Job Searching Sucks

1- It’s full of catch 22’s: they won’t hire you until you get experience, but you can’t get experience until they hire you; they want you to move before they hire you, you can’t afford to move until you have a job; they want you to be licensed before hiring you, you can’t get licensed until you start working; etc.

2- You can spend an entire day sending out applications, resumes, and cover letters, and see zero results

3- You have to walk this tight rope of presenting yourself and confident and competent without coming across as arrogant and presumptuous

4- If you are fortunate enough to get a job offer, you spend your days painstakingly vacillating between wanting to take it because you’re not sure if anything better will come along and not wanting to take it because you hope something better will come along

5- You have to answer the dreaded question “So, what are you plans?” five hundred million twenty five hundred sixty-seven times

6- You’re constantly compromising applying to the job you dream of for applying to the job you think you may actually have a chance getting, and then chastising yourself for not believing more in your abilities

7- You feel bitter every time you hear of someone else getting a job offer for a company that will pay their moving expenses, buy them a car, provide free childcare, and pay six figures

8- You start to wonder if waiting tables was really as bad as you remember it…

9- Every minute of every day is plagued with the knowledge that you should be spending more time and effort sending out applications, you need to work longer, harder

10- You’re absolutely sure that “it’ll all work out” and something challenging and rewarding and exciting will come along, but you’re dying to know when…

And that question remains unanswered until you are in fact, finally, not job searching anymore.


5 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Job Searching Sucks

  1. This was actually very encouraging for me to read 🙂 I have been feeling all of this recently and it’s nice to know I’m not in the boat alone 🙂

  2. “top ten reasons applying phd programs suck” pretty much insert most of your ten reasons. sigh. where the hell is that manual in life that i can’t seem to find!

  3. I found this blog post by googling “job searching sucks.” Thank you, unsigned writer, for crystallizing so much of what’s going on in my head right now. So much of this list hit home, no more than #2 – most of my searching now is online, and it feels like I’m sending out an endless stream of messages into the abyss. It’s awful. I would also add

    #11- You end up wasting valuable time talking with people who want to help but aren’t really in a position to. You meet with people, talk with people, email with people, all of whom have their ideas on what you should be doing, but none of whom lead you to an actual job.

    1. Hi Ben,
      Thanks for your comments. I would certainly agree with #11! It’s hard when people are trying to be helpful:)

  4. Your post is absolutely correct I have been out of work for 10 months been on interviews and no call backs even though I have 10 years experience.
    My guess age discrimination even though they say they don’t example recent college grad or young person needed.

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