Ode to Clients

Some days I just really appreciate my clients.

Like the days when I’m feeling pretty worthless and they make a statement like, “I’m so glad that I get to come in and see you today.”

Or when they take some incredibly courageous step towards healing and remind me that grace and love do exist.

Or when they trust me enough to share their tears with me.

Or when they make the statement, “What I’ve learned from you is….” and then go on to say something so completely brilliant that I find myself wondering I taught you that? I didn’t even know I knew that…

Or times like today.

I was meeting with a client, and she asked me how my future plans are going (this, in itself was nice), and when I told her they were pretty uncertain and I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed she didn’t say “it’ll all work out.” She recognized that such a statement would not be helpful and empathized with the shaky position I’m in instead. Some of my closest friends and family have told me it’ll all work out, and though I know they mean well, it’s not a helpful statement. I know things will work out, but I want someone to be willing to sit in the unknown with me. I appreciated that my client was able to enter my uncertainty without trying to ‘fix’ it.

My clients do mean something to me. They remind me of the changing power of relationship, of God’s grace, and most of all- of hope.


2 thoughts on “Ode to Clients

  1. This is a simply beautiful statement. I love the time in the wilderness….God is good and that’s all we need- xoxoxo

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