It was Susan B. Anthony who said, “Men- their rights, nothing more. Women- their rights, nothing less.” Susan B. Anthony was a significant warrior in the battle for women’s suffrage. She did not live to see the 19th amendment passed, but she always believed it would. On her death bed, she left the suffragists with the encouragement that “failure is impossible.”

Here’s what I love about Anthony- she was incredibly passionate and determined, yet even-keeled. She was ambitious enough to start a women’s rights journal called Revolution, but she also fought for the rights of African Americans (until the black men withdrew support from women), equal pay for equal work, and more lenient divorce laws in the church. She did not want special treatment, only equal treatment.

Further, Anthony didn’t just talk the talk, she walked the walk when  in 1872, she was arrested for voting illegally.

Anthony saw injustices in her world and worked to change them. It is sad to me how many women- and men, but especially women- do not know who she was (tells us something about our history books). She was a woman who did much to promote the freedom and political voice that we as women have now.

If I could, I would thank her for all she’s done to work for women’s place in society today.

Who would you thank?




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