Perhaps better known for her statement, “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction,” the answer to yesterday’s trivia (who said “For most of history anonymous was a woman”?) is Virginia Woolf.

Woolf’s statement that female writers need money and a place of their own is often simplified and generalized to “a woman needs a room of her own,” and appropriately so in my opinion. As women it is easy to get wrapped up in being everything to everybody and forget who we are and what our needs are. A room may be a small solution to this- but I think it represents something. A room is a space, a room of one’s own is a space that can take the character of its owner and be a refuge from the world. A room can be a place of solitude, of rejuvenation, of rest, of creative thought. Valuing oneself enough to make a space for oneself is essential to health.

I’m not sure if you are single, or happily married, or not-so-happily married, but take time this week for you. Do something you enjoy. Take a bath. Drink some wine. Read a book. Remember the people who love you, but take time for yourself.

I’m really bad at this. And even as I write I’m thinking it will be weeks until I can do so. But promise to my readers is to get it in this week.


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