The answer to yesterday’s trivia: It was Eleanor Roosevelt who said, “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

I love this quote because it is so applicable to life. I literally remind myself of this quote when I am in a situation in which I am unsure of myself. It’s too easy to try to be who others want me to be and to live for their approval. It takes much more work to be who I am and be okay without the approval of others.

It is a hard truth to recognize, but we all have something to offer in relationship. When I forget this, I feel inferior. When I remember this, I am free to put my strengths and my gifts on the table to bless others. Whether or not others choose to receive those blessings will be up to them, but I should not base my well-being on whether or not they accept them.

As you go throughout the week, remember that you are unique and you deprive people of the blessing of knowing you if you try to be something you’re not- if you work to earn approval. You can choose to let others make you feel bad about yourself, or you can remember that the opinions of others are simply that- opinions. Enjoy this week. Enjoy being you.



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