A Tribute to Women

It’s that time of year again- March is Women’s History Month!

So here’s the deal- I think women are amazing. Yes, I know that society and the media would have you believe that women are weak, irrational, overly emotional, moody creatures, but experience tells me they are more. Are women weak? at times. Are they irrational? sure, but I’d call it passion. Overly emotional? I’d consider that a strength. Moody? no more than any man I’ve ever met.

Women are also strong, and talented, and wise, and meek. They can be confident or careful, sexy or shy. Women are athletic and creative and beautiful and fun.

And women do so much. They juggle school and career and husband and children. They work at highly competitive law firms by day and rock babies to sleep by night. They survive sexual abuse, endure sexual harassment, and fight messages that tell them sex is all they have to offer. They run marathons and multitask and make money. They are in physical pain for about one week out of every month (that’s almost a fourth of their lives), yet continue to do their jobs unwaveringly. They organize and decorate and perform surgery.

Yet, one of the most common struggles for women is self-contempt.

Rather than focusing on our weaknesses this month, ladies, let’s celebrate what we have to offer. Let’s celebrate the gift that so many women before us have given through their words, their protests, their accomplishments, or their poise.

My goal: every day this month, I will post a quote from an eminent woman from history and let everyone guess who it is. The following day, I will post the answer along with a blog post reflecting on that woman’s life or work.

So hold your heads up high ladies, and let Women’s History Month begin!


One thought on “A Tribute to Women

  1. so awesome like that. =) so for the korean female hero for the month i recommend Shinsaimdang- the first woman to make it on a korean bill, and the largest bill at that!

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