Marathon Madness

Last week I ran my first marathon.

First, a few fun facts.


Favorite signs:
Run faster, Ryan Reynolds is at the finish line!
Chuck Norris ran a marathon.
Run faster, Rachel, I’m cold!
Your feet hurt from kicking so much butt!
Woooo Swenor Sisters! (of course;)

Favorite quotes:
On the phone, before the race. Kati, “I’m going to run [slower] with you, but you have to tell me if I’m going too fast. Don’t try to keep up or you might hurt yourself…pause…BUT, if we run 9:45 miles instead of 10min, we can finish in 4 hours 15 minutes. AND, if we run 9:30 miles, we can finish in 4 hours, and that would put us in the top 17% of women!”

Morning of the race: Kati, “Let’s put our clothes and numbers on and take pictures and just pretend we ran a marathon.” Krista, “I’m in.”

Start of the race. Krista, “Do our calves look as muscular as those people’s in front of us?” Kati,”I know mine don’t!” [Krista almost runs into person in front of her trying to turn her head far enough to check out her own calves]

Mile 21: Krista, “I’m getting that feeling like I might pass out.” Kati, “Eat one of your shot bloks.” Krista, “But that’s not on my schedule for another 5 minutes.” Kati, “Take the darn bloks, screw your schedule!”


And the runners’ story.

I’m not sure what initially motivated me to run a marathon. I hate running. I’ve always thought Kati was crazy to love running so much. But I did. Training was…different. My favorite sport is basketball. When you’re training for basketball, you still have variation- running drills and shooting drills and defense drills, plays to memorize, and scrimmaging. Running is just…running. And that’s what it was like…every week….running.

I ran in the heat, and ran in the rain. I ran with friends, and ran alone. I ran to music, and I ran to audio books. I prayed as I ran, and sometimes I slept as I ran. I suffered chafing, skinned knees, and passing out.

My schedule changed. I had to go to bed and wake up earlier. It’s difficult to go to bed early when you don’t get home from work until 9pm some days. My diet changed. I had to drink water and stay hydrated- which meant I had to pee even more often than normal. I had to leave parties or friends early on the weekends to be in bed in time to get up early enough to run before the heat.

I trained for almost 7 months.

On the race day I was ready to get this thing over with! We drove into the city with poor directions and ended up getting lost. After a stressful almost half hour, we made it. Kati and I froze (29 degrees) in line for the bathrooms until literally3 minutes to the start. We booked it to the start line and turned on our i-pods just in time for the countdown…3….2….1!

Then we ran…and ran…and ran. It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful run. We started in the city, ran through some gorgeous neighborhoods, Butler University, and the Art Museum, then back to the city. We pointed out pretty houses or big dogs or funny signs to each other as we ran. I felt like I was pushing it, but Kati was leisurely keeping my pace.

At mile 18 I was still feeling strong. I told Kati I was sure I would crash soon. And I did. At mile 20 my pace slowed to about an 11 min mile, and I felt like I might pass out. I told Kati she could leave me, but the sweetheart said this was when I needed her most:) So, we pushed through it and at mile 23, with a little help from the Rocky theme music, I got my wind back. We ran for a couple more miles (and ran into our adorable JV basketball coach, Lisa!), and then at mile 25, I told Kati she could take off and after inquiring if I felt alright, she sprinted the last 1.2 miles. And I came in a few minutes behind her.

Wow. All that training. All that pain. Over in 4 hours and 24 min.

I read somewhere that workaholics feel a letdown and slight depression after completing tasks. Yep, that’s me.

It was a powerful experience, and a wonderful time with my sister. I wasn’t sure if I could do it. But I did. And it feels good.



2 thoughts on “Marathon Madness

  1. Awesome. My husband ran his first marathon last month so I know a lot about the training, etc. If you’d like to read about his experience it’s on our blog in an entry on October 19th.

    Congratulations -not only did you finish, you made great time!

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