Running Like Crazy [People] .part 1.

I wrote about my marathon training experience a few weeks ago, so here’s an update.

My last post was all about how great it was, how it helped me sleep better, helped me feel better, and in general was just a good feeling. I’ve realize now that was the honeymoon phase.

I am now two out of seven months into the training and hating almost every minute of it.

Here is what there is to hate.

  • I hate water, but I have to drink it constantly to stay hydrated
  • I have to wake up at least by 6am, often at 5am for long runs, in order to avoid the miserable heat and humidity
  • I have a blister on my foot that reopens every time I run
  • I have a burn mark at the top of my stomach where my sports bra rubs the skin raw
  • I chafe around my armpits to the point where I have pink strawberries that sting like mad every time I sweat
  • I have to go to bed early on weekends so I can get up early and run
  • I fear that all the muscle I’m building now will turn immediately into fat as soon as I finish running the marathon and stop training
  • I have to shower every day and in the morning! (if you know me, you know that I prefer to shower every other day and at night. I hate showering)

Even as I write this, though, I know there are still some things I enjoy:

  • I like the feeling of accomplishing something before I go to work
  • I like the feeling of being hydrated and paying more attention to my body and its needs
  • I like the feeling of sweating so much that it looks like I just jumped in the pool with all my clothes on (seriously, I think it’s awesome to be dripping in sweat)
  • I like the fact that when this thing is over and done with, I will know that I pushed through all the pain and challenges and accomplished my goal

As for the burns, blisters, and chafing, I have recently purchased “Body Glide” which is a Godsend and helps to protect and heal my skin.

I am also very much appreciating the accountability of having my twin sister run with me. Even though we don’t run together and we’re in separate states, it helps to talk about how much this week’s schedule sucked, or what a struggle it was to get up early on a Saturday, or how much we hate the heat. It’s also fun to tease each other about wussing out on the post-run workouts (push-ups, crunches, etc), or skipping the day’s routine altogether:)


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