Women’s History Month

Writing Women Back Into History

Through the hard work and lobbying of the National Women’s History Project, March has become National Women’s History Month. This year, the national theme is “Writing Women Back Into History.”

So, rather than go on an arguably valid rant about gender differences in textbooks and the news (for example, the fact that there was very little press coverage of Kelly Kulick‘s recently becoming the first woman to win the PBA) I would like to hear about what women you would write into your history.

So, women and men, if you were writing a textbook of your lives, who are the women you would write into it?

I would write my Grandma Jean, who was progressive for her time. Rather than playing the typical role of her day as a pianist (she was a pastor’s wife), she went to college and got a job as a school teacher. Grandma Jean died of breast cancer in 2001.

I would write in my mother, who sacrificed much- including her dream of pursuing a graduate degree in psychology and becoming a counselor- to raise us children. My mom courageously beat breast cancer in 2008.

I would write friends such as Sandy and HaYoung, who have invested in my life. They have modeled the strength that comes with honesty an vulnerability, and they have stood with me through both happy and hellish times.


3 thoughts on “Women’s History Month

  1. Series of single female missionaries I personally know who have fought hard both on/off field for matters related AND unrelated to mission. i think i would also work about my coworker- mmmmm. but this will have to wait, b/c i’m still learning from her. really learning.

  2. i would include my mentor in college who taught me that being a christian didn’t have to mean you were a boring conformist. i would include my friend’s mom, jeannie, who demonstrated every day the sacrifices and joys of raising a loving family and exemplified every sense of the word “helper” as a missionary wife. and i would include my former neighbor and co-worker rachele, who has not only guided me in my career, but walked me into adulthood.

  3. My sister in law, Julie, is a woman I greatly admire and learn so much from. Her generosity and compassion extends much farther than the typical “friends and family” as she weekly visits shut-ins and take her sons to the nursing home to talk to and play games with elderly women with little or no family left. I see her living out her beliefs and faith daily, and she doesn’t hesitate to speak of her past before the Lord saved her and how His love has transformed her life. And she does all this with an ease that brings comfort yet is relatable to whomever she is with.

    Also my mom, Joanne, who taught me while growing up, and my sister Brenda, who continually reminds me by how she lives her own life, that happiness and feeling content in life must transcend situations and come from a secure sense of how you take care of yourself and those you love.

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