Everyone has hurt from their past. Sometimes it is a mild obstacle and sometimes it is debilitating.

The poem below was written by a friend who refuses to let her past hold her captive in the present. She is a brave soul and a strong woman, and I’ll know she’ll end up a champion.

I hope her poem inspires you to find your fighter as well.

Deathmatch: Fear vs. Reality

“A walk within a mind is never a walk at all. It is a fight, tooth and nail.”

I feel the blows.
A right upper cut to the soul.
Duck left, hop back, quick jab.
The crowd goes wild as the battered underdog struggles on in the fight for the ultimate title.

I am a fighter. A warrior. Battling through the lies of my youth, of my life. A righteous anger my bow, truth my arrow, & a desperate ache the wind to carry my weapon to its mark.
A great & reckless need for victory swells in my throat & pushes me on. I will trek through the trenches of despair, the rains of anguish, the fires of suffering.
will prevail. I am a warrior.


One thought on “Fighter

  1. Thank you. This is exactly what we were saying tonight. Your friend expressed exactly how I feel sometimes. And to realize it is a fight worth fighting.

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