Should Women be Pastors?


Georgia Baptists cut ties with church led by a woman pastor

Survey: Number of female senior pastors doubles in 10 years by USA Today

Magazine Featuring Female Pastors Pulled from the Shelves “treated like pornography’

Most people have always assumed that because I am a feminist I would definitely support women as pastors. However, I was not always sure how I felt about the issue, in terms of what Scripture says. It is only in recent years that I have looked more into the issue and conducted my own research- listening to speakers, reading books, and of course searching the Word. I do think it is okay for women to be pastors for various reason, which I won’t share here. Obviously this is a touchy and controversal issue. These are just a few articles that have recently covered this subject. Whichever side of the debate you are on, it’s interesting to see how things are changing, and how the Spirit is working through both men and women.


2 thoughts on “Should Women be Pastors?

  1. As a female Pastor I guess you can say “I am on the pro side of the debate”. 🙂

    I know there tends to be a alot of scruitny and heated debates regarding women as pastors.

    Personally, I never feel the need to justify why I became a pastor. I dont worry about what man thinks but rather focus on what God has called me to do.

    Infact, if truth be told, this isnt what I wanted to be when I grew up, it wasnt on my “to do list”. But when I told God, to use me for whatever He wanted, He took me serioulsy.

    So I listened and obeyed! I will live out my life doing whatever He has called me to do, regardless of persucution, or rejection. Because I know what He told me to do, it doesnt matter what man may think of me.

    Have a wonderfully blessed year!
    Thank you for bringing up such a delicate topic.
    Pastor Gypsy

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