Sex on Wheels

Driving on the freeway yesterday I noticed an RV labeled “Party RV.” As I passed the said RV, I was wholly disgusted and offended to see that this “Party RV” had a picture of a less-than-half-naked, pole dancing stripper. So apparently goodness-knows-what was happening to God-knows-who right next to me on the freeway. Apparently it’s just not exciting enough to get your kicks in a strip club anymore, you have to do it on the road. So thank you sex industry for making yet another place unsafe for me (and, incidentally, half of the population).

In case you’re male and you’re wondering what this is like, it’s like being continually bitch slapped, in the face, with the message “your only worth is in satisfying men, and we are going to remind you of this fact continuously, unrelentingly and mercilessly until you learn to submit to it.”

Interestingly, Margaret Atwood wrote a feminist novel in the 80’s that predicted this. The book is called A Handmaid’s Tale and it is set in the future when porn has become more and more available- in sex shops, strip clubs, on the sidewalks, and in moving vehicles. In the book, the porn/sex becomes so prevalent and makes society so unsafe that women are no longer able to go out into public, and they all must be dressed from head to toe- in turtlenecks, long skirts, and head coverings.


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