Cut the Fat Talk

So the facts in this video may not be that new to you. Yet, we all still do fat talk. I do it, my friends do it, my sisters do it, my mom does it. Why is it so hard as women to accept ourselves the way we are? We know models are airbrushed, unhealthy, and unrealistic, so why do we all hold ourselves up to their standards? But the problem isn’t just ‘out there’ in the media, it’s in our living rooms, our classrooms, our churches- it’s us. At times we are our own worst enemies. Even the most beautiful, thin women I know believe they’re ugly or fat and express this openly.

So once again we see that language matters. We can influence those around us by choosing our words. So choose your words with the beautiful souls of your sisters in mind.


One thought on “Cut the Fat Talk

  1. fyi. i’ve posted about three comments in the past hour we’ve been IMing… and none of them have been posted. this proves I cannot multi task. if i fail to post this blurb…. then I give up.

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