Is God Enough?

I was tempted to follow my post “I Hope You’re as Happy as You’re Pretending,” with some sort of “happy” post to make sure everyone knows that I’m not super dark and depressed all the time. But I’m not going to do that. I do have good days and bad days, and times when I struggle and times when I forget my struggles long enough to enjoy life. So even though this topic is not overly ‘happy’ or optimistic, it’s been on my mind, and comments and emails from other women have shown me that I’m not the only one thinking about it.

If you attend a Christian church, you’ve probably sung the song, Enough, with these lyrics:

“All of You is more than enough for all of me; for every thirst and every need. You satisfy me with your love and all I have in You is more than enough.”

This is a beautiful, beautiful song, but I keep wondering if it is true. I know this questioning of the basic fact that “God can fill all your needs” may sound heretical, but bear with me for awhile…

After the post “I Hope You’re as Happy as You’re Pretending”, a friend wrote “I often refuse to sing [Enough]. I believe that those words are true. In my mind. But in my heart I often feel like I need something I’m not getting.” Another friend I was talking to said, “I wonder if the people who say God can fill all your needs are people who have had their needs met their whole lives.” I had never thought about that before. I mean, it’s pretty easy to say that God fills all your needs if you’ve always had your needs met.

What exactly do we mean when we say “God can fulfill your needs?” If we mean God can do anything. I believe that’s true. But if we mean God will do anything so that you do not struggle, feel hurt, suffer, I disagree. Many times my expressions of feelings of loneliness are met with that very phrase, “God can fill all your needs.” Okay, so I get it. If I draw close enough to God, I won’t feel lonely. But I would argue that emotional intimacy and physical touch (and I’m not just talking about sex) are basic human needs. So I wonder if it would be appropriate to walk up to a homeless man with a sign that reads “lost job, lost house, starving, please help” and tell him “Don’t worry, God will fulfill all your needs” and walk away. I don’t think it’s any more appropriate or Christ-like to tell a hungry man that God will fulfill his needs than it is to tell someone who is hurting or lonely that they shouldn’t feel that way because God will fulfill their needs. Can God feed the hungry? yes. Can God fill my loneliness? Yes. But the fact is, sometimes he chooses not to…


6 thoughts on “Is God Enough?

  1. Sometimes what we think we need and what we really do need are different. God knows what we really need. Sometimes he often sends a real person to help fulfill those needs. By just walking up to a homeless man and telling him that does not help. But to bring him food, offer him a blanket or a pair of gloves and saying that – God is working through you to help fulfill is needs. You have to trust in the actions of God through the actions of people. Thats why if you feel like you need to do something for someone you should probably do it.

    1. thanks for your comment, Jennifer. I think you’re right that God does often use people to fulfill our needs, and that God is the only one who truly knows what our needs are. But I do wonder if sometimes he leaves our needs unmet on purpose, not sadistically to watch us suffer, but lovingly to teach us to draw closer to Him…

  2. Using “God is enough” to justify not doing something or not getting involved or not allowing others to get involved/help/give is using a basic truth to distort the greater truth of who God is. Yes–He is enough, but the way He shows is love, generosity, beauty, and grace is often through us and through others to us. If God were enough (as some people like to define it) then wouldn’t we all live on individual desert islands? God is enough but he manifests that enoughness through you and I.

  3. Yes, God is enough, at least for me that is. In stead of asking is God enough, maybe we should be asking what are my needs vs. my wants and desires. I sometimes get those confused more often than not. I also believe that this may look different for different people.

    God provides my basic needs. For me, I need love and family and to be in relationship with them. Growing up I had an idea of how that would/should look, but what I got was totally different. And because of this, I spent a lot of time angry with the world, my family and with God. In addition, there have been other times where I know that my basic needs were not met at all and I still struggle with the outcome of those situations. Me and God will have to sit and talk about that on our 1st face to face.

    I think you are right that sometimes he doesn’t met those needs so that we can learn to depend and trust him. He’s just selfish like that. I know that it is possible to be close to God and yet still feel lonely, hurt etc… it is just the reality of having to live in that tension, in that gray area of life in that constant struggle between spirit and flesh. And sometimes I find myself having to choose my beliefs over what I may feel at the moment (to keep myself from having a 24- hr pity party). Not to say that my feelings are not valid, because they are but my Faith trumps my current feelings.

    Great post Krista, again you are so deep!

  4. I often struggle with seeing someone not being real about the struggles they face with God. At times I just want to scream in the air “why cant I feel you or see you or even hear you like other people say they do.” What am I missing. You know I love you, you know I believe in you and yet sometimes I just dont know if you are there. Done get me wrong, I believe he is and that will never change, but my head fights me constantly.
    When I see a homeless person, a friend going off to war, a mother or father left alone, an older person in a resident home, my first question is always, why does God let this happen. Why did he not meet these people’s needs, where are the other people that are supposed to be there so that those people can see, feel and know they are loved.
    I dont think there is any one way for people to just know that God is enough, I think sometimes He isnt because He is trying to teach us something. Maybe, and this may sound horrible, but, maybe He isnt what we need then and He knows it, so he lets us work our way through it.

  5. Thank you for your honest comments, Kane. You raise some incredibly valid and difficult questions. Keep asking, keep searching…

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