The Realities of PMS

Okay, so in the past- and still at times, today- I have definitely been guilty of ignoring my own feelings and being completely unaware of my own body. I couldn’t tell you how I was feeling at a given moment, I couldn’t tell you how my body reacts to different foods, and I certainly couldn’t tell you whether I was PMSing or not (something also known as codependency). Recently, I’ve been working on my self-awareness/codependency; paying attention to what I’m feeling, why I’m feeling it, and how my body reacts to different things. So whereas I used to discredit PMS as “all in girls’ heads,” now I can tell when even I am PMSing.

However, I CANNOT STAND IT when two things happen:
1. A guy complains about a woman’s PMSing
2. A woman blames her actions on her PMSing.

I will give you that PMS is a “proven” medical fact. As a woman, I will also give you that PMS can at times mess with your aura, personality, mental capacities, or physical abilities.

BOYS: I do not think a woman’s feelings or actions should be discounted on account of PMS. Regardless of the reason women are feeling or acting a certain way, you should respect them and ask questions that help you understand where she’s coming from. As a male, you will never understand the full extent of a woman’s monthly annoyance and pain, so it would be nice if you could refrain from discounting her during those times. Furthermore, whether you recognize it or not, men are also very moody. Men’s mood swings, however, are not dubbed “hysterical” or “due to PMS”, but are delicately and respectfully attributed to “a hard day at work.”

GIRLS: Regardless of how awful- or moody- you feel, your actions are your responsibility. PMS is not in any way an excuse for any way of behaving. By using it as one, you demean yourselves and the women around you to creatures who cannot control their behavior or act rationally. Just as you’re expected to perform well at work regardless of the hangover you may have from last night; you are also expected to live life with a due sense of integrity regardless of the physical discomfort or moodiness you may be feeling.

That’s all I’ve got on the subject.


One thought on “The Realities of PMS

  1. Okay, you just described exactly how I’ve felt on this subject. And I extend it to include pregnancy too. Not having ever experienced pregnancy symptoms, I keep my opinions to myself for fear of strangling. But when girlfriends tell me they are yelling at their spouse all the time, etc. because their pregnant and he just needs to deal with it, I want to go “What?” So I’m sure pregnancy hormones are awful, but we’re still responsible for our actions, same as PMS.

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