True to Form

So I got a black eye today. I was at a staff retreat that my boss and I planned for our church staff, and we were doing some team building. The third game we played involved water balloon launchers and “catchers.” I was a catcher. So as my partner and I ran to try to catch a water balloon launched at us with impressive speed from about half a football field away, I got a balloon busted square on my face.

As funny as this scene may have been for everyone else, the true humor for me were the comments that followed. As I listened, I noted how true to form each person’s comments were. So see if you can recognize the following “characters” from  your place of employment:

Mothering Molly: “oh, honey, your eye’s bleeding! are you okay? ooh, your nose is bleeding too, tip your head back…”

Blatant Becky: “oh no, no, don’t have her tip her head back! The blood will run down the back of her throat and she’ll be coughing up a mixture of black blood and mucus!”

Kind Kathy: “oh, darlin, that must’ve hurt. Here. Use my shirt, here you go, wipe your face off dear.”

Logical Linda: “Can you see? Open your eyes! Is your eyesight okay? See if you can open your eyes, try to open them!”

All business Allen: “hmmm, what’s your responsibility later today? Lead a small group after lunch? Okay, ya, I think you’ll probably be okay by then.”

Jokester Jason: “that’ll teach her to play with the boys!”

I love my coworkers 🙂


2 thoughts on “True to Form

  1. Hee-hee-hee! So true, friend. And did you think of me when you wrote “Logical Linda”?

    Can’t wait to see you this summer!! Wheee!!!!

    1. actually, I didn’t think of you, but I should have!

      later on, my boss commented that he and I fell into our own roles too- him by falling back and hesitating to check on me, and me by playing the martyr (the first thing I said to him was “I’m so glad it was me that got hit and no one else!”)

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